The Importance of Autumn Tree Care

Autumn is the time when the lush green leaves turn brown as the trees prepare Autumn Tree Carethemselves for the cold weather and new cycle of growth. The cold weather can be harsh for the trees and hence they call for special care.

The overall development and growth of a tree greatly depends on how they are maintained. Although the maintenance requirement of trees varies from their types, every tree requires a lot of care especially in the change of the season. Autumn, for instance, is the best time to prepare your trees for the winter seasons. For some species of the tree, winter can be a harsh weather. Preparing them for the winter can help in maintaining their good health in the long run.

The tree care in the Autumn is slightly different from the other weather or seasons. Taking care of the tree in the Autumn season, here are a few things that you need to know as a responsible gardener.

  1. Tree Support: You may have to provide a sturdy support to the tree to prevent any damages to the roots in the winter season.
  2. Mulching: Autumn is the time when you should cover the soil of your garden area with mulch. The mulch helps the soil retain water. In the winter season, trees may be deprived of water because of the freezing temperature. Mulching will ensure the trees get water during the autumn season.
  3. Compost: Compost is yet another method that you can use to enrich your soil with minerals and nutrients for the good health of the trees. You can make your own compost by using fresh grass, egg shells, vegetables, fruits and tea bags. Or you can purchase one from the market.

Not all tree or plants embrace the colder weather. Fruits and vegetable plants, for instance, embrace the colder weather. The other plants, however, may die. Check out the below video to know how best you can take care of trees and plants in winter season.

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