Stump Removal Tips for a More Beautiful Lawn

Stump RemovalStumps are usually left behind after a tree has been cut. In some cases when trees fall down, its bottom part is also left attached to the ground. That bottom part connected to the roots under the soil is called the stump. These stumps could be a risk to safety as anyone can trip over them, and they may also be infested by insects. They make cleaning and mowing the lawn more difficult as they get in the way, and these stumps just don’t look very attractive when left standing in an otherwise beautiful garden. For stump removal, it is always most ideal to call for professional services.

While many homeowners would simply call tree service to get help in stump removal, some try to do this on their own. But remember, if you should decide to go the DIY way, this task requires knowledge, experience, and tools. It can get tedious and even risky when done improperly. To help you out, here are some tips you can keep in mind.

1. Loosen the soil that surrounds the stump first. This makes pulling it out later on much easier.

2. When you unearth plenty of large roots, cut them using pruning scissors. If they’re too large for scissors, best to use a handsaw.

3. Be mindful of the surrounding plants and trees. The roots underground may extend to the portion where these other plants are. When you pull on them, you can end up damaging the other healthy plants.

4. When a stump is too large and hard, such as the stump left behind by an oak tree, then grinding may be necessary. A special set of equipment like a stump grinder is required to do this. If you choose to do on your own, you would have to try to saw down the stump into smaller pieces before you can finally remove it.

While these tips may make stump removal seem like an easy task, you must know that it’s a job done by pros. For smaller stumps, you might be able to remove them quite easily, but for larger ones, it is best to call on a tree contractor.

If you’re on a tight budget, keep in mind that many tree contractors offer competitive prices. It is almost always possible to get a free quote on how much the job would be. When calling on professionals, you can be sure that the job will be done properly and safely.

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