How to Repurpose Wood After Tree Trimming

After a tree trimming procedure, you will most likely find yourself with a whole lot of wood from branches and twigs removed from trees in your property. While your tree contractor can help you dispose of these wood materials, you may also choose to keep some or most of them. Truth is, there are ways to repurpose wood after tree trimming. While some people go around buying wood material for DIY projects and other purposes, you already have all these materials you can use! Why not find ways to recycle them?

Tree trimming is important in making sure that your tree remains healthy and beautiful. It is necessary as well to ensure that your tree is safe in case of extreme weather conditions. As mentioned, you’re going to end up with a lot of wood after tree trimming. Here are some interesting things you can do with the wood:


Tree Trimming Benefits

Tree Trimming BenefitsTrees are usually strong, mighty, and can last through years with very little care and maintenance. In fact, some trees even live for thousands of years. These trees are usually the ones located in mountains, rural areas, and forests. If you have a tree in your property, it is your responsibility to have it well maintained. You must know that there are many tree trimming benefits, which makes the maintenance worthwhile.

Many property owners who have trees on their lawn or garden take for granted the importance of tree maintenance. Some think that the tree is strong enough and won’t need regular watering or trimming, etc. They would, later on, regret this after the tree gets sick, dies or falls down and damages their property. We recommend consistent tree trimming and tree removal, and Aardvark Tree Service has always done a decent job with trimming and removal


How to Choose a Tree Contractor

Tree ContractorThere are some tree-related jobs best handled by professionals. For instance, if you have an overgrown tree in your lawn that needs tree trimming, or a large tree in your property is already considered hazardous and must be removed, you need to call a tree contractor. These are risky and quite challenging tasks that your regular landscaper or gardener can’t handle solo.

Certainly, there are many ways for you to get hold of a tree contractor. You can ask your neighbors and friends for recommendations or you can also look for one online. However, it is best not to settle with just the first number you get. You must know what you need from a tree contractor to make sure you’re putting your money where it’s worth it. (more…)

Stump Removal Tips for a More Beautiful Lawn

Stump RemovalStumps are usually left behind after a tree has been cut. In some cases when trees fall down, its bottom part is also left attached to the ground. That bottom part connected to the roots under the soil is called the stump. These stumps could be a risk to safety as anyone can trip over them, and they may also be infested by insects. They make cleaning and mowing the lawn more difficult as they get in the way, and these stumps just don’t look very attractive when left standing in an otherwise beautiful garden. For stump removal, it is always most ideal to call for professional services.

While many homeowners would simply call tree service to get help in stump removal, some try to do this on their own. But remember, if you should decide to go the DIY way, this task requires knowledge, experience, and tools. It can get tedious and even risky when done improperly. To help you out, here are some tips you can keep in mind. (more…)

2 Primary Reasons Tree Trimming is Important

Tree TrimmingTree trimming is part of a tree’s maintenance. It is the process when you would cut down overgrown or weak branches from a tree. Especially if your tree has already grown so large, it may take away most of the natural light that’s entering your home or your backyard. Or it may simply be just an eyesore. Just like humans, trees need a haircut, too. And in tree language, a haircut equates to tree trimming.

So if some humans can go for years without haircuts, why can’t trees go for years without trimming? Here’s a simple explanation – if humans living in forests or a place where other humans don’t really reside, then they probably won’t be getting any haircuts for years. Same goes with trees that are in forests or in the wild. If you live around people and you want to look like a decent human being – better get a regular haircut. Trees in residential or commercial properties need tree trimming every few years or so. Not including aesthetics, here are the two primary reasons why tree trimming is important: (more…)

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