How to Repurpose Wood After Tree Trimming

After a tree trimming procedure, you will most likely find yourself with a whole lot of wood from branches and twigs removed from trees in your property. While your tree contractor can help you dispose of these wood materials, you may also choose to keep some or most of them. Truth is, there are ways to repurpose wood after tree trimming. While some people go around buying wood material for DIY projects and other purposes, you already have all these materials you can use! Why not find ways to recycle them?

Tree trimming is important in making sure that your tree remains healthy and beautiful. It is necessary as well to ensure that your tree is safe in case of extreme weather conditions. As mentioned, you’re going to end up with a lot of wood after tree trimming. Here are some interesting things you can do with the wood:

1. Use it as firewood – Thinking of having a bonfire with family and friends? Perhaps you can use the wood you got from tree trimming as firewood!

2. Use it for an outdoor barbecue – Grill some burgers, steak and so much more with a DIY outdoor barbecue. There’s something about using wood when cooking as it can affect the taste of your food. Make sure you do some research though because some types of wood are not ideal for cooking.

3. Create DIY projects such as furniture or decor – Get on Pinterest and find endless ideas for DIY projects you can start with to reuse all the wood. You can come up with unique pieces of furniture or even household decor!

4. Use it as garden decoration – You may also use the wood as decoration for your garden. Some people even spend a good amount of money with driftwood. While freshly cut branches look far like driftwood, but you can work around it for sure.

5. Donate to people interested in arts and crafts – You may also choose to donate the wood to people who can use it better. More often than not, DIY enthusiasts would love your wood donation!

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