Green Waste Disposal After Tree Maintenance Services

Green WasteGreen waste includes leaves, branches, twigs, and other plants and vegetation no longer planted underground. These are the ones that you will most likely just throw away. After tree maintenance services, you may have a whole lot of these kinds of waste. It would be difficult for your regular garbage collector to get all of them because it would only take up so much space on their truck with no room left for the rest of your neighborhood. So how exactly should you deal with green waste disposal?

There are actually plenty of ways for you to dispose of the green waste you get from your own yard. Here are only some of them:

1. Ask for assistance from the tree contractor.

More often than not, the tree contractor that did maintenance on your property can help you in disposing of all the green waste. They understand how difficult it is for you to get rid of the garbage especially if you don’t have a large yard to keep them until the collector comes along. Ask for their assistance and they will certainly help you out.

2. Look for other ways to recycle some of the green waste.

Some of the items you have included in green waste may actually be recycled. Twigs and branches, especially harder parts of the trunk to the stump can be turned into beautiful decors or even furniture. These are some of the things you can use in a DIY project.

3. Use shredders so that green waste can become compost.

Green waste is biodegradable. However, it can take so much time for it to become compost if you’re just going to bury all of it underground. You may shred the green waste to smaller pieces for faster composting. Shredders can be expensive so you don’t need to buy one, especially if you don’t have a lot of green waste all the time. Look for companies that are able to rent out shredders instead.

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