Dealing With Overgrown Trees

Overgrown TreesAn overgrown tree can become a cause of dispute between you and your neighbor. Preventing it to overgrow is the best practice. In case, the tree has already overgrown you will have to trim its branches, cut its top and prune it to keep it in shape.

Dealing with overgrown trees can be really difficult. An overgrown tree has branches facing all the directions, hundreds of leaves to select the old one and trim them and in case the tree is touching the neighborhood area you will also have to think of keeping the place clean. Planning to manage an overgrown tree you should first think of trimming. 

Start trimming the tree from the base. Trim the thickest and oldest stem with a pruning saw. Keep the first cut 30cm above the actual cut. Trim the tree almost every winter and remove the oldest wood. This will restrict the tree from growing. Don’t cut flowers. But, don’t forget to trim the intersecting branches.

Hedging plants such as beech, privet and hornbeam can be trimmed to their trunk as they can always regrow. If hedges have overgrown in your landscape cut them to their trunk length. This practice, however, should be restricted to once in two years. The other species such as Lawson cypress and leylandii don’t really grow back if trimmed till trunk length.

If a fruit tree such as apple and peer has overgrown in your landscape you can cut down its oldest branches, shorten the lowest branches and intersecting branches to allow air to pass. Cut down the branches of a fruit tree only when there are not fertile anymore.

An overgrown tree can always be dealt with heard pruning. Although it is not advisable to over prune a tree, in the case of an overgrwon tree it is better to trim it down to cut it down.

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