2 Primary Reasons Tree Trimming is Important

Tree TrimmingTree trimming is part of a tree’s maintenance. It is the process when you would cut down overgrown or weak branches from a tree. Especially if your tree has already grown so large, it may take away most of the natural light that’s entering your home or your backyard. Or it may simply be just an eyesore. Just like humans, trees need a haircut, too. And in tree language, a haircut equates to tree trimming.

So if some humans can go for years without haircuts, why can’t trees go for years without trimming? Here’s a simple explanation – if humans living in forests or a place where other humans don’t really reside, then they probably won’t be getting any haircuts for years. Same goes with trees that are in forests or in the wild. If you live around people and you want to look like a decent human being – better get a regular haircut. Trees in residential or commercial properties need tree trimming every few years or so. Not including aesthetics, here are the two primary reasons why tree trimming is important:

1. Tree Health

Some trees live up to thousands of years. Some only last for decades or a couple of hundred years. If you want a tree to remain healthy, then you must maintain it well. As mentioned, maintenance includes tree trimming. Trimming dead, sick and weak parts of a tree promotes healthier growth for the tree. It would have more room for healthy branches, trees or even flowers and fruits to grow.

2. Human and Property Safety

Trees growing within human properties must be trimmed for safety – and this might just be the most important reason why you have to get your trees trimmed. Weak or dead branches may fall down after a strong wind blows on it – even worse, the entire tree might fall down during a storm or a hurricane. In some cases, a dead tree branch may even fall down even during a hot and windless summer day. These may cause damage to property or may even hurt humans.

With these being said, you know best now that you would have to schedule tree trimming when necessary. Call a reliable tree contractor and you can get the job done in a breeze.

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